Fasted exercise - Matt Metzgar

Matt Metzgar

Fasted exercise - Matt Metzgar
September 18, 2011

Running on Empty

I've noticed a couple curious things lately in regard to eating and exercise. First, I've noticed that if I ocassionally skip dinner, or just have some carbs like potatoes but no meat for dinner, that I actually feel better upon waking the next morning. Of course, I'm not doing this every day, but if I do this once or twice a week, then I am virtually guaranteed to feel better the next morning. This points to how occassionally restricting calories in the evening, or perhaps restricting protein in the evening seems to yield benefits.

Today, I noticed how this carried over into exercise. I have been exercising fasted in the morning, going for an intermittent run on the nearby trail. Last night, I just had some potatoes instead of dinner, and this morning I ran before eating anything. This combination seemed to really prime my body for running. I don't know if it put me in "fat-burning" mode or something, but I was just really cruising on the trails today.

It's amazing how good you can run on an empty fuel tank. I wish someone would have told me about this 15 years ago. I remember reading Runner's World for a few years straight back in my twenties. Never once did I see an article that recommended running while fasted. Guess it wasn't the expert publication it was supposed to be!