Sugar - 1950's "sugarholics" warning video

the anti-sugar thing is not new.

this once well known US anti-sugar advocate/presenter from the 1950's died only this year at the age of 96:

Food pyramid - USDA changes yet again, now its the "Plate"

Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com - R.I.P. food pyramid

the new USDA "Plate" is meant to replace the (twelve version) "My Pyramid" introduced by the USDA in 2005: YouTube - Food Pyramid:


My Pyramid was meant to replace the USDA's  original 1990's food pyramid, on the basis "the science no longer supported it".  http://youtu.be/IJnGFacO3Vs

the Harvard School of Public Health thought My Pyramid was no good:
"The problem was that these efforts, while generally well intentioned, have been quite flawed at actually showing people what makes up a healthy diet. Why? Their recommendations have often been based on out-of-date science and influenced by people with business interests in their messages". 
so it  produced its own food pyramid which differed on key aspects (more background here: http://youtu.be/GciZe53R2bg )


clear now!

or not sure?

maybe some more food pyramids then?

here is what a progressive vegetarian one looks like - from here

here is what a low carb diet food pyramid looks like -
from here

here is what a paleo diet food pyramid looks like -
from here