Primitive Nutrition 1: The New Barbarians

The first in a 70 (+) video anti-paleo diet series

ploaded by on Nov 30, 2011

Welcome to The Primitive Nutrition Series! Created by someone who was nearly seduced by the Paleo Diet idea before going vegan, these videos provide a wide-ranging response to the evolution-inspired rationale for meat eating which so many have uncritically accepted.

Ever wonder...
Will fruit make me fat? Unlikely. See 49.
Is grass-fed beef an environmentally responsible food? This opens 70.
Weren't the Eskimos healthy eating a completely animal-based diet? 27 answers this.
Isn't there great research supporting low-carb diets? 52 looks at some of it.
Were our Ice Age ancestors low-carbers? Probably not. 11 explains.
Should I trust the advice of the primitive diet gurus? Watch them all!

These videos are intended to be viewed in order, from 1 to 71. See them all and you will never again fall for a fad diet. It's time to move away from gimmickery and hype, and toward a healthy and sustainable future. Let's start something positive!

Appearing in the still are Ed Bauer, Robert Cheeke, and Monica Parodi