The Scribble Pad: Why low carb works: an every day example.

The Scribble Pad: Why low carb works: an every day example.

Went SHOPPING today! Semi annual sales all over the place, and I have been really good about spending...have got the shopping bug again. This is a bad thing. I don't have OCD shopping impulses or anything but I'm all PTSD with spending money because there have been times in the past where I have just hemorrhaged money for no reason. Bad memories. Whenever I get this thought like "I know, I'm going to the mall! There are so many awesome things I NEED to buy now!!" Immediately I am like "OH NO!" lol.

Here is an example of an ordinary day for me. This is why I am thin. PAY ATTENTION!

Woke up. Not hungry. I am not hungry because the past few days I have eaten generously although not particularly excessively. NO appetite.

I spend about 2 hrs cleaning and organizing for no reason. I do this often... I have energy, and energy must be put somewhere. I am an organized person. I hate dirt. I hate disorder. My cleaning/organizing always happens in the morning, that is when I am most obsessive. It's a cortisol thing pretty sure but can't prove.
The cleaning is most acute if I also have insomnia, waking early. This is a very very common behavioral cluster... 5 hrs sleep + waking early + desiring to get up cleaning and organizing. Mid day I feel more relaxed/calm and peaceful but early in the day my brain is like START CLEANING SHIT NOW THE DIRT IS ALL OVER THE PLACE OK.

So basically I spend about 2 hrs just walking back and fourth, climbing under things, sweeping, scrubbing and so fourth. I do this while trying to just get going (hygiene, clothing, etc) ... multiple tasks. Oh, lets clean the kitchen, then I will pick out an outfit, then I will clean the bathroom, then I will do my makeup, and I will fix my printer at the same time, and organize my jewelry, and look there is dust all over my fragrances so I'll get that too, etc.

I want to repeat, this sort of ability to have EXTRA ENERGY TO WASTE cleaning and organizing it *only* happens if my diet is dangerously deficient in the necessary lifegiving paleo non-rewarding supernutrient known as sugar (in ALL FORMS mono, di, polysaccharides). On glucose, I'm liable to spend all day sleeping, barely mustering a single "do i give a fuck". The answer is no, I don't GAF.

In contrast, OFF glucose, I am able to not eat and not care... I am able to not sleep as much and have more energy. I make, and use, energy.

No appetite, I snack on some mixed nuts, I eat prosciutto and mozzarella, I eat sugar free chocolate with marscapone cream... but I have no appetite, and it is small portions, and my brain is like: "food is not that important right now cuz I'm sort of not hungry. Do things instead."

This is because I DONT EAT CARBS. This is the ONLY reason. If I ate carbs, this would not occur. I would be an immobile torporous hungry fatso. My caloric intake thus far is not even over 300 calories.

So I spend all day wasting yet more energy , walking around for no good reason, feeling no need to rest, enjoying the movement. I don't try to do this. My brain is like "You know what is awesome? Moving around. Do it."
I drink coffee with cream, a 32 oz iced coffee with as much light cream as I want, and liquid splenda. I tend to use about 2 oz of light cream. To taste.

Then SEVERAL FRIGGING HRS LATER I am aware that I am weak and a bit shaky. Slightly hungry. Insight: my sugar must be low from not eating and carrying crap. (Carrying crap is the EASIEST way to suck up blood sugar. I think all these shitty food eating young paleos who are weight lifters are only not balls of flab because lifting heavy objects keeps their insulin reliably low by sucking up blood sugar...however for someone like me with normal low blood sugar and a tendency to hypoglycemia, carrying stuff and using my upper body muscles always makes me weak and hypoglycemic. Sucks. I have to eat food if I am going to move objects, I can't extensively use my upper body muscles in a low food intake/semifasting condition, it is a ONE WAY TICKET to hypoglycemia and that blows, and it makes me need to eat.)

So here's the trick to being able to handle paleo potatoes: You need to spend an hour in the gym lifting things for no reason. This is the best way to brawny paper towel away blood glucose. Walking low intensity activity is manna for fat metabolism, but in my experience the moment I involve upper body muscles I pretty much pass out instantly from low blood sugar lol.
I suppose it makes sense; upper body muscles are related to male endocrine system, which studies evidence produces a more powerful counterregulation against hypoglycemia ... blood sugar + muscle work = success!
OTOH, blood sugar - muscle work = FAT!

If you enjoy lifting heavy objects in a gym, plz feel free to eat a loaf of bread. Or at least, if you MUST stubbornly persist in your loaf of breading, the best way to attenuate the awfulness is to use your upper body muscles. It's like your blood glucose just EVAPORATES.

Anyway, tangent... other than to say, a lovely day of activity on low food / subsisting on body fat is always brought to an untimely end when I start lifting heavy objects. Then it's all tremor weak legs and inability to think and no choice but to put food in the gullet.

So when I set out to eating a proper meal (time: 12 hrs after waking up!!) I eat macadmia nuts, I eat olives, I eat chocolate, cheese, cream, fresh salmon with salt and olive oil, avocados and tomatoes and salt, basically anything i want that looks tasty and is devoid of evil poisonous carbohydrate.

I calm down, feel a bit tired.
I feel full.
I have a small blip of insulin hunger, easily ignored or treated with a tiny snack like a piece of sugar free candy.

But then, later, I feel energetic shortly after.... SHORTLY after eating. Like, I am calmer for maybe an hour... but then I have my energy back and it is renewed. My appetite is totally gone at this point, and I am back to using body fat primarily again.

My caloric intake today? Less than 1800.
My energy use? A LOTZ. All the time, effortlessly, naturally. As natural as eating chronically is on glucose, it is just as natural to move and use energy on low glucose diet.

This is a description of why I am not fat.
I am not fat, because my insulin dynamics antagonize fat gain and promote chronic body fat use, with greater energy output and lower appetite being observed.

I can tell you with authority and certainty, counting calories did not make me thin, and I only employ calorie counting to prevent hyperinsulinemia (as all calories, including fat ones, in excess, will promote abnormally excessive insulinemia with lethargy/hunger resulting).
I can also tell you with equal certainty, trying to exercise did not make me thin, and exercise is a passive result of my energy use and ability to utilize / oxidize body fat.

I am thin now because when I wake up I am strongly burning body fat, and I do this ALL DAY LONG, and only eat a large meal later in the day, when I get sufficiently hungry for a large meal.
I am thin because my energy output is SO VASTLY GREATER because my body fat oxidation is vastly greater.

It's kind of funny, I am a living breathing example of the metabolic, endocrine hypothesis of obesity. I live this every single day 24/7, I can feel the slowing vs the energy, the hunger vs the anorexia, the shifts in sleeping and activity... contingent pretty much entirely on the amount of glucose I shovel in my body. It is like clockwork. I know how I will feel if I eat x y or z. I know what it does to energy and appetite. I can predict these things and they reliably follow insulin. Things that slow me down and promote appetite are insulin increasing things. ALWAYS. Things that give me energy and suppress appetite are insulin suppressive / body fat oxidation augmenting activities. There are NO exceptions.

But don't forget there is very good evidence the reward value of food determines obesity, and in the end, if you count calories and exercise you lose weight. Morons.