Muscle tissue = endocrine, fat tissue = ...CICO? OKAY, MAKES SENSE RIGHT - *The Scribble Pad*

*The Scribble Pad*: Muscle tissue = endocrine, fat tissue = ...CICO? OKAY, MAKES SENSE RIGHT.:

lui marco channel 

You know, I must say I have been a fan of this lui marco channel  on youtube for many months. I have like NO interest in body building what so ever, but Lui provides lulz and general good advice. He also mocks fitness frauds which I can appreciate from my perspective being woo, as fitness frauds whether bodybuilders or weight loss gurus are fucking annoying. With so many freaks / cretins advocating injecting GH and testosterone and various horrific drugs for no reason, I also appreciate a person into body building from a healthy perspective educating young guys there are consequences to it all.  Always good entertains on the luimarco channel!

Anyway, the video above is about some UFC fighter who was clearly abusing steroids. This guy gained like 60 pounds of lean mass in a few minutes, claimed to be following a healthy diet, and was roundly mocked for this obvious lie/deception. Eventually he was caught with having a testosterone level like 14000, so he had to quit his gear. Within like 2 seconds he collapsed into a 200 pound pile of mushy soft dough relative to his former condition and is now a terrible fighter. The end.

We see this story all the time in the fitness world. Guy injects GH/androgen/takes millions of drugs becomes a beast like caricature of a human. They grow muscle and relatedly/independently of this athletic performance enhances; androgens and the like are also called performance enhancing drugs. Ultimately though it all hangs on the balance of the endocrine system. Consider this; two athletes may have the same training regimen, the same genetics, the same lifestyle, the same food habits. The athlete taking 14x normal androgen is going to grow to a UFC champion fighter. The athlete not taking anything will be a 205 lb soft failure in the ring. That's the fact. It's the endocrine that rules muscle, training behavior and calories are only factors which are slaves under THE ENDOCRINE status. This is why every single bodybuilder you see and many fitness gurus as well are all one one or more endocrine modifying hormones or stimulants. They are almost never honest about that fact because of the shame/stigma attached to using drugs...that is unless they are too autistic/psychopathic to know better (like the guy I argued with a few weeks ago, danger and playing in traffic or something like that).

In the fitness world this is simply not even a question. It's just not even a DEBATE. Huge muscles, rapid muscle gain? He has taken drugs to modify his endocrine system. Done and done. There is no doubt, there is no question. It's just accepted muscle behavior and the function of the human body is under neuroendocrine control. Testosterone, GH, insulin (novolog 4hr quick acting insulin after training to stimulate IGF1), clenbuterol, I mean, the notion that adjusting calories or doing more exercise works as well would be laughed out of the room.

Now, please careen your attentions away from the world of athletics and body building, this way over to the world of dieting and body fat control. There are a lot more women, and a lot less men.  Perhaps relatedly there is a lot more hilarious irrational bullshit with no relevance what so ever to biological physiological reality, such as the notion feelings/sadness can cause fat gain. Or, perhaps the belief being a conscientious agreeable good dieter and accounting for every calorie will magically transform you into a slim butterfly; nothing more sciency involved to this but eating calories in and calories out.

This is obviously untrue. It is an obvious FACT the endocrine system has 100% control over the growth of adipose, calories and exercise only modify that just as is the case with athleticism and fitness. Calories and training modify performance and muscle growth but ultimately this is only so under direction/facilitation of whatever endocrine status you might have. The adipocytes are no different from myocytes; they are subjected to the laws and regulation of physiology, their growth and function is not some random anarchic chaos which exists separate from the whole of the body. The adipocyte is not this bank account that just accepts deposits endlessly until you take "control" and exert "willpower" to stop the hording. These emotional ridiculously unscientific ideas have been thoroughly debunked in the scientific literature. The adipocytes are connective tissue, but more importantly, the adipose is an endocrine site, part of the endocrine system. Ironically, the adipose exerts a greater homeostatic pressure over itself than does the muscle tissue; the adipose is actively regulating itself  via leptin and many other cytokines virtually preventing growth or shrinkage long term. If either tissue can be said to be passive, the muscle tissue meets that qualification much more so than the adipose. In spite of this, it is much more accepted as a truth that the muscle growth is an endocrine proposition, meanwhile the fat growth is a mental/emotional problem.

In scientific reality there is no *question* the muscle, and DEFINITELY not fat, are passive blank slate like tissues just waiting for you to mold them into shape. This is not a legitimate point of view respected by science. Get real. 

The adipose is regulated tightly, and an attempt to reduce adiposity is doomed to fail with like 95+% certainty for this reason.

Muscle = Controlled by endocrine system; man exhibits massive change in muscle function/size we know he has taken endocrine modifying substances. Done and done. No one says the UFC fighter ate less calories and did less exercise. We know he collapses because his endocrine status is typical/kaput. There is not one tard in the crowd who would hilariously suggest he could regain his former glory by eating differently or exercising differently. We know this is not true. WE know the calories he eats and the exercises he does are USELESS without the testosterone of 14000 to put them in proper place.

Adipose = gluttony, sloth, indolence, mental illness/emotional problems, "eating your feelings", in denial of CICO.  Woman gains 60 pounds after progesterone& cortisol assault of pregnancy = she just is under stress/mentally ill/depression/get a grip/count calories. Woman gains 20 pounds at age 37 in perimenopause with declining estrogen = go on a diet, get your grove back. Stop eating junkfood you lazy slob (says an even more out of shape man).

It's really hilarious isn't it?

I hear Gary Taubes is going to "debate" iq 110 fitness entrepreneur / gym owner / paleo heckler Teh Alan Aragon re: CICO.  Can't wait for this riveting battle of wits. Maybe Alan will use his patented facebook method of mocking the "insulin fairies" for causing weight gain as if it were anything but self evident that fat gain was caused by moral failure and greed at the dinner table.

Why are we having debates in 2014 of this nature? Why is this even a question?

Anyone who denies that obesity is a disease and fat tissue is regulated by the endocrine system ought to be dismissed with a hand wave like an obnoxious opinionated child. These people are too ignorant to have insight into their own ignorance. As well, contrary to what unpaxiled anoretics would lead you to believe, the scientific consensus is quite clear that body fat is under neuroendocrine control. Obesity is NOT caused by eating more calories than you burn, even if it is true the obese maybe eat more calories. Calories are to fat gain in a moribidly obese person as calories are to muscle gain in a testosterone abusing UFC fighter. Required, but not causative.