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Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee, Gurus, and Nonsense

Dear Danger & Play:

What do you think of the Bulletproof Executive (Dave Asprey) and Bulletproof coffee?
The Bulletproof Executive claims he boosted his IQ by 20 points and
gained all sorts of muscle and that if you drink his overpriced coffee
and follow his advice, you’ll become a superman.

Here’s my question:

Where is Dave Asprey’s data?
I have posted my blood work before. You can find it right here. (Here’s how to find out your testosterone level.)

I have a DEXA scan from 2009. I have labs showing my testosterone and cholesterol and fasting glucose levels going back to 2007.

And I don’t even market myself as being part of the “quantified self”
movement. I’m not some super data nerd and I sure  don’t make my living
selling people on my health and fitness advice. (Maybe I should start a
YouTube channel?)

Anyone who tells you how to live a healthy lifestyle and who sells you stuff must show his lab work. This is not optional.

The Bulletproof Exective claims he boosted his IQ by 20 points.
OK. Where are his IQ tests? Where has he uploaded them? I looked on his page and can’t find them. Where are they?

The Bulletproof Executive claims his diet boost testosterone levels and is healthy.
OK. Where are his blood tests and lab work? What is his HDL and LDL
ratio? What are his fasting glucose and fasting insulin levels?

What is his natural testosterone level? Does Dave Asprey even have “natural” testosterone anymore, or has he been on testosterone replacement therapy? (I can determine whether someone is on TRT by looking at their labs.)

I don’t care what someone says unless he shows me his blood work.

Until Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive (and this goes for all
the gurus) post their lab work for public consumption, they do not
deserve one penny of your money.

By the way, those “in the know” realize why those guys aren’t posting
their labs. Let’s just say that A-Rod isn’t the only one who attributes
his peak performance to natural products while also going in for
treatments at the “anti-aging clinic.”

I’m not hating on anyone, by the way. Dave Asprey seems like a
nice-enough guy. He’s just hustling to make a living like the rest of
us. That said, since he is a public figure, he is subject to public

Our collective view on drug use is primitive. It’s downright silly that men fear going on testosterone replacement therapy. If
Dave Asprey is juiced to the gills and popping Modafinil like pop
rocks, good for him. Just don’t use drugs and then claim it’s your
“toxin-free” coffee that’s doing the heavy lifting for you.

It’s illogical that a woman who wants to “become” a man can take male
hormones but a man who wants to become more of a man cannot.

Why is it wrong for a man to take something to
make him a better man while it’s right for a woman to take a drug to
become a man?
Just don’t try acting like some dietary guru or supplement pimp
unless you’re proving your claims, especially when proving your claims
is as simple as posting lab work. Again, I have posted my lab work even
though I am not selling my expertise.

So shouldn’t people who claim to be experts and who want to reach
into your pockets go above and beyond what this humble blogger has done?

Where is the Bulletproof Executive’s lab work? He – like me – should have lab work dating back at least several years.

Once I am able to look at his lab work, I’ll be able to form an opinion. Until then, you should save your money.

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