My Carb Sane-Asylum: The 2011 InSanies

My Carb Sane-Asylum: The 2011 InSanies

The 2011 InSanies

The first ever awards to be handed out here at My Carb Sane-Asylum. We'll honor here the most insane goings on in the low carb world in 2011. These honors are bestowed with lighthearted humor, even if some were earned for actions of a more serious nature. So, with out further delay, in no particular order, I present

The 2011 InSanies

For Irony in the Discussion of Obesity ...

The Nominees are:
  • Jimmy Moore for, well, just being Jimmy.
  • Amy Dungan for continued promotion of the low carb lifestyle for weight loss
  • Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt for poking fun at obese Americans on the LC Cruise
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Andreas Eenfeldt

Nothing can drip more with irony than a lean young male doctor snapping pictures of fat people at the buffets on the low carb cruise. Are the spotlights that blinding when he's up there lecturing?

For Creepiest Blog Post of the Year ...

The only Nominee is, and the Bunny Ears go to ...

Mike Eades

Who that reads here can forget Dr. Mike's description of females with moist dreamy looks in their eyes? That creepiness only compounded by later encouraging them to wallow in lard and put so much butter tucked under the skin on chicken thighs that it drips down their arms when eating it. I feel creeped out just bestowing this award!

For Hypocrisy in Confronting Conventional Wisdom ..

The Nominees are:
  • Tom Naughton for trashing Jillian Michaels while her torso graces his blog via Google Ads
  • Dana Carpender for trashing Hope Warshaw and ADA sponsorships with Medifast Ad on her blog
  • Dana Carpender for taking HCG and eating 1000 cal/day alternate days to control weight

And the Bunny Ears go to ... {she does look the cutest in them dontcha think?}

Dana Carpender

With specific nods for two issues, and many others in mind, one could look at this as a career achievement award of sorts. After "fighting the lowfat lie" for 15 years, in 2011, Dana turned to HCG and 1000 cal/day fat fasts to drop pounds for TV. Prior to that we learned that Dana takes several medications developed by scientists she slams and suggested by mainstream doctors and organizations like the ADA to treat disease. The hipocrisy of her slamming Hope Warshaw and the ADA's sponsors while her site had an ad for Medifast and she was taking metformin and Victoza is almost unbearable.

For Hypocrisy in a Low Carb Career ...

The Nominees are:
  • Jimmy Moore for collecting all those ad dollars off of not so low carb foods all these years
  • Zoe Harcombe for being a carb and fiber eating vegetarian for 15 years
  • Gary Taubes for accusing Stephan Guyenet of cherry picking scientific data
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Zoe Harcombe

While this was not a 2011 event, Zoe did comment here on this blog defending herself for promoting Taubesian LC dogma, bashing fruit and veg consumption and grains when she did, indeed, lose some weight and keep it off for 15 years being a porridge and brown rice eating vegetarian.

For Worst Book ...

The Nominees are:
  • WheatBelly, Dr. William Davis
  • Primal Mind, Primal Body (re-release), Nora Gedgaudas
  • 6Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle (paperback), The Drs. Eades
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Wheat Belly

All three of the nominees are deserved of this award which is being bestowed for the worst mangling of science in the promotion of a low carb diet plan. Ultimately the fact that Wheat Belly became a NYT bestseller with Davis including the battery acid argument puts him at the top of the heap!

For Worst Blog Post Series or Manifesto ...

The Nominees are:
  • Dr. Robert Su for his Diabetes Mellitus Myths series
  • Dr. Jack Kruse for the incomprehensible Leptin Reset
  • Jimmy Moore for his anti-James Krieger Insulin "Roundup"
  • Gary Taubes for his supposed rebuttal of Food Reward
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Robert "Carbs Can Kill" Su

I don't blog often about Dr. Su, mostly because he doesn't appear to be all that influential. Still, here you have yet another MD spreading this erroneous notion that eating carbs and postprandial glucose spikes cause diabetes. Here are links to the series: Myth 1, Myth 2, Myth 3, Myth 4, Myth 5, Myth 6, Myth 7. It is for closing gems such as this: "Having understood the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and postprandial blood glucose, tt is safe to say one is likely a pre-diabetic or becoming a diabetic, should he consumes carbohydrates with no restrictions." that Dr. Su has earned the bunny ears.

For Worst Science Blog Post ...

The Nominees are:
  • Wheat Belly for the Oatmeal = Battery Acid post
  • Petro Dobromylskyj for blatantly cherry picking data
  • Tom Naughton trying to teach us Thermodynamics

And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Peter / Hyperlipid

I don't think anyone has so badly damaged their credibility with their own actions this past year than Peter. Not even Gary Taubes with all his machinations trying to defend TWICHOO comes close to Peter's shenanigans of openly throwing out data points and the ensuing analysis passed off as serious and scientific.

For the Most Ridiculous Advocacy of High Fat Eating ...

The only Nominee is, and the Bunny Ears go to ...

Jimmy Moore

Nothing says delusion like getting a take home message about high fat diets Jimmy claimed to have taken from the Swedes on the 2011 LC Cruise. What but delusion or a butter addiction possesses someone to put 2T CO and 4T butter on a pound of fatty ground beef. Yes folks, it really is a mystery why he regained his 2011 losses.

For Worst Internetiquette ...

The Nominees are:
  • Jimmy Moore for grossly misrepresenting me on the shownotes, blog post and discussion board posting announcements for my podcast
  • Jimmy Moore for sandbagging James Krieger with his Insulin roundup
  • Jimmy Moore for publishing so many responses to Paul Jaminet that had nothing to do with safe starches
  • Tom Naughton for accusing me of stalking him and being mentally unstable because I dared post a handful of comments at his site
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Fat Head

It was a close one, what with only three examples of Jimmy's poor internetiquette making the cut, but Tom really took the almond meal and stevia cake in response to a few comments I attempted to make on his blog. Want to see what earned Tom the InSanie? I blogged on this here.

For the Most Hilarious Blog Post Intended to be Serious ...

The only Nominee is, and the Bunny Ears go to ...

Jack Oughton

Who? Jack was the author of a guest post on the LLVLClue blog: Why Critical Thinking Is Essential For Your Health And Diet . In what reads like a really bad episode of Seinfeld, when you expect to check the URL and any minute find you were redirected to The Onion, Jack extolls the critical thinking virtue of low carbers. It's worth a laugh or two.

For Making the Biggest Ass Hat of Himself ...

The Nominees are:

  • Jimmy Moore for his offensive posts about Jessica Biel and diabulimics showing he just doesn't get it about ED
  • Peter/Hyperlipid for telling his readers not to respond to me in his comments section
  • Dr. Jack Kruse aka The Quilt for hovering at 30,000 feet, speaking in tongues (levee terroir) and generally consulting www.pullitfromyourass.com for scientific facts
  • Gary Taubes for his behavior at the Ancestral Health Symposium, cutting in line to grill Stephan Guyenet and accuse him of cherry picking science, and letting the clock tick here at the Asylum
And the Bunny Ears go to ...

Gary Taube$

Was there ever any contest??

So there you have it. I'm sure I missed a few so I reserve the right to make up my own rules and award in special recognition in 2012. And yes, a few were all about moi -- but it is my blog after all!! Hope you enjoyed!
(Yes, I'll be posting a 2011 in review type post, but might be a day or so delayed.)