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Estrogenic Foods To Avoid | LIVESTRONG.COM

Mar 17, 2011 | By Linda Tarr Kent

There are many estrogenic foods that can lead to obesity and make you sick. They can also inhibit sperm production and cause humiliating feminization of the body for men. However, some plant-based sources of estrogen such as apples and carrots are actually healthful. They help to slow bone loss, lower cholesterol and help alleviate some issues associated with menopause. It's important to know which estrogenic foods cause harm, says Ori Hofmekler, editor of the national health and fitness magazine "Mind and Muscle Power" and author of "The Anti-Estrogenic Diet."


Processed soy foods are extremely estrogenic, especially if they are fractionated or processed. Look out for soy milk and food containing soy isolates or soy isoflavons. Generally anything that is not fermented needs to be avoided because it will have a high phytate content. Phytates bind to essential minerals and prevent them from being absorbed by your body. Fermented soy, such as edamame, can be OK because fermentation reduces the phytate content.

Nonorganic Meat

Avoid all meat that is not organic, including chicken, turkey, lamb, red meat and pork. These foods contain estrogen hormones in non-organic feed fed to the animals, and these hormones deposit themselves in every area of the animal's body. You are next in the food chain, and receive these as well.

Sugar and Yeast

Sugar and yeast both signal the body to shift into a defense mode. Too much of either substance can cause insulin resistance along with an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately, people who are estrogenic often have big cravings for sweets and are attracted to estrogenic comfort foods.


Alcohol promotes estrogen in a way that is more complicated and devastating. It both increases estrogen levels and shuts off your body's defenses, causing your body to suffer an imbalance. The body's ability to regulate itself suffers as a result.

Non-Organic Dairy

All dairy products that are not organic contain estrogen and prolactin hormones. An excess of prolactin, a lactating hormone that can shut off your thyroid, is a sign of bad health. You can suffer a drastic fall in testosterone, causing serious imbalance.

Non-Organic Produce

Non-organic produce should be swapped for organic fruits and veggies. The non-organic varieties often have petroleum-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in them.

Licorice and Clover

Licorice is very estrogenic in any form. It also can overstimulate your adrenals. Unless it is prescribed by very educated physician, it should not be used.
Clover is another food with estrogenic activity that you should eschew. There is a possibility that its long-term use can increase the risk of cancer in the uteris lining, according to the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Food Packed in Plastic

Avoid edible products that are either packed in plastic or smell like plastic. You can buy the best organic produce in the world, but if it's wrapped in plastic it is detrimental. Anything that has a vinegar or acid environment, like lime juice or salad dressing vinaigrette, is even worse.


Watch your water. Tap water is often loaded with estrogens thanks to people who flush medications down the drain or toilet. Also stay away from water bottled in plastic. It's easy to taste the difference between water from a plastic bottle and glass bottle.


Watch out for an excess of omega-6 vegetable oils, including soy, canola, safflower and corn. Fish oil should be used in moderation as well, and should ideally come from food

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