Up Your Coffee Intake & The Temperature of Your Baths increase free fatty acids

Up Your Coffee Intake & The Temperature of Your Baths to Get in Shape; Up Your Mood W/ Self-Paced Aerobics; Up Your Vitamin D in Time; Up <u>Both</u> Fat & Sugar For Diabesity - SuppVersity: Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone

Ice cold baths are retarded. A cosy hot tub and a cup of coffee make a way better peak conditioning strategy.
+38% that's the SuppVersity Figure of the Week and it is the fat liberating advantage of the ingestion of 3mg/kg caffeine (in water) before sitting for 30 min in a hot bath (42°C; up to the navel) - yeah, you read me right:  The latest study from the Graduate School at the Department of Health Care of the Soonchunhyang University in the Republic of Korea is about the thermogenic effects of HOT (not cold) baths.

Even in the absence of additional caffeine ingestion the latter increases the amount of circulating free fatty acids by 52% (80% with caffeine) with the ~200-300mg of caffeine before the bath it almost doubles the amount of free fatty acids and increases the circulating leptin levels by 28% (vs. 5.6% w/out caffeine).

Whether the significantly more pronounced reduction in waist circumference (8.9mm vs 6.7mm) Tae-Wook Kim & Jeong-Beom Lee observed in their 9 male subjects (age ~26y; BF% 20%; no habitual caffeine consumers) is yet a result of real fat loss, remains highly questionable. However, even if that's not the case  sitting in a hot tub after having a large cup of coffee would still qualify as a potentially valuable peak-conditioning technique before a contest or photo shoot - or, for the less ambitious, before the high school reunion or the a first date ;-)