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Reports of Memory Loss

FDA has been investigating reports of cognitive impairment from
statin use for several years. The agency has reviewed databases that
record reports of bad reactions to drugs and statin clinical trials that
included assessments of cognitive function.

The reports about memory loss, forgetfulness and confusion span all
statin products and all age groups. Egan says these experiences are rare
but that those affected often report feeling “fuzzy” or unfocused in
their thinking.

In general, the symptoms were not serious and were reversible within a
few weeks after the patient stopped using the statin. Some people
affected in this way had been taking the medicine for a day; others had
been taking it for years.

What should patients do if they fear that statin use could be
clouding their thinking? “Talk to your health care professional,” Egan
says. “Don’t stop taking the medication; the consequences to your heart
could be far greater.”