Eggs in a Peat Diet? - Ray Peat Q&A

Eggs in a Peat Diet? - Ray Peat Q&A

Eggs...they are pretty pufa...shouldn't we avoid pufa? So why are we having them?

(No I don't hate eggs I eat it often)
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Everything has PUFA

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"For a while, the vitamin A is very important, and the PUFA isn't crucial in the short term, so 2 or 3 eggs would be o.k., though in the longer run it's good to eat liver about twice a month, limiting the daily eggs to one or two." - Ray Peat (see http://peatarian.com/?qa=private-corresponding#22)
The overall intake of PUFA in your diet is likely more important than the absolute amount in eggs.
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Why not just cut out the eggs entirely and eat a little more liver?