"She has no intellectual curiousity at all - she never tries to figure anything out on her own, she never researches or looks into anything" - The Scribble Pad:

The Scribble Pad: Why people reject ketogenic diets, even when they work.

Steph B said...

This post really resonated with me. Here's why:

I have 7 Sisters-In-Law - I have 3 brothers, my husband has 3 sisters and a brother.

They come in a variety of body sizes, attitudes, and health issues, ranging from extremely thin and unable to gain weight no matter what (splits a McNugget happy meal with her daughter and they can't finish it - legit), but with a host of health issues ranging from thyroid to numerous food intolerances, to very obese in a pear shaped way (almost thin on top). It's very interesting to watch them all and see how they eat, their attitudes to food and dieting, etc etc. I feel like an anthropologist observing another species, sometimes.

So, my really obese SIL has a PHD in psychology and is a really important psychologist in my country who's been interviewed for news shows, helps determine public policies, etc.

She led a lonely life until she met my brother, because of her weight and poor body image. She had pretty much given up on love and having a family.

When I lost 30 lbs on low-carb 5 years ago thanks to Gary Taubes - but more importantly for me, I lost the guilt and shame associated with being overweight and came to see it strictly as a biological disorder which needs a therapeutic intervention, we discussed my weight loss and GT's book and theories, and she was simply not interested, because she can not see how all of her pasta eating, bread baking, etc could possibly contribute to her weight. She's of Italian heritage and giving up pasta is literally not an option - it is how she expresses love and welcome and friendship.

I didn't know her very well at that time, but one thing I was shocked at was her complete and utter lack of curiousity. I thought, great, a PHD, a psychologist - we'd have so much to talk about, she'd read a ton of great books and be interested in everything and I can learn so much from her.

What a major eye-opener for me. She rarely reads unless she has to review something for work, and then she's not happy about it. She has no intellectual curiousity at all - she never tries to figure anything out on her own, she never researches or looks into anything, etc. etc.
Our conversations go nowhere.

Anyway, I look at her, and she's nice and friendly and smart and a good wife and mom, but if most doctors/psychologists are like her - egads, no wonder nothing changes! She could do so much good in this world, because of her history of obesity combined with her position in life, but she won't. She simply won't give any other hypothesis any consideration. It's such a wasted opportunity, for her personally and for advancement of understanding of this disorder.
February 15, 2013 at 8:51 AM