Ray Peat, PhD Interviews – Master List – Functional Performance Systems (FPS)

Master List – Ray Peat, PhD Interviews – Functional Performance Systems (FPS)


This is the complete list of interviews with Ray Peat, PhD. Special thanks to Angela de Souza and Tyler Derosier for helping me accumulate the material. Will update as more interviews become available. Contact me if any links are fudged up or not working – Rob@functionalps.com. If you’re going to use this list on your blog, please provide citation.

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Hope for Health: Thyroid

Rainmaking Time: Life Supporting Substances

Eluv Interview: Fats

KWAI 1080 AM Interview 1 (2012)
KWAI 1080 AM Interview 2 (2012)

Politics & Science: Autoimmune and movement disorders (2012)
Politics & Science: Dogmatism in Science (2008)
Politics & Science: Origins of Life (2000)
Politics & Science: Suppression of Cancer Treatments – Dr. Ivy and Krebiozen (2001)
Politics & Science: Two Hour Fundraiser Part 1 (2012)
Politics & Science: Two Hour Fundraiser Part 2 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 1 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 2 (2012)
Politics & Science: Progesterone Part 3 (2012)
Politics & Science: Food Quality (2012)
Politics & Science: A Self Ordering World
Politics & Science: Fats
Politics & Science: Ionizing Radiation in Context, Parts 1 & 2
Politics & Science: Nuclear Disaster
Politics & Science: Obfuscation of Radiation Science by Industry
Politics & Science: Thyroid and Regeneration
Politics & Science: Machinist Scientist

Herb Doctors: Carbon Monoxide (NEW 2013)
Herb Doctors: Learning, Dementia, Alzheimers (2012)
Herb Doctors: Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation (2012)
Herb Doctors: Inorganic Phosphates, Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio, & Aging (2012)
Herb Doctors: Blood Pressure Regulation Heart Failure and Muscle Atrophy (2012)
Herb Doctors: Cellular Repair (2012)
Herb Doctors: Genetic Determinism (2012)
Herb Doctors: Alkalinity vs Acidity (2012)
Herb Doctors: Cancer Treatment (2012)
Herb Doctors: Sodium/Salt, Inflammation, Pregnancy Toxemia, Water Retention
Herb Doctors: Energy Production, Diabetes, and Saturated Fats
Herb Doctors: Sugar II
Herb Doctors: Sugar I, Cholesterol, Obesity, Heart Disease
Herb Doctors: Endotoxins
Herb Doctors: Hair loss, Osteoporosis
Herb Doctors: Inflammation
Herb Doctors: Milk
Herb Doctors: Radiation
Herb Doctors: Serotonin, Endotoxins, and Stress
Herb Doctors: Altitude
Herb Doctors: Sugar Part 1
Herb Doctors: Sugar Part 2
Herb Doctors: Fukujima I
Herb Doctors: Fukujima II, Serotonin, & Melatonin
Herb Doctors: Hormones, Metabolism
Herb Doctors: Misconceptions about Serotonin and Melatonin

World Puja: Foundational Hormones

East West – Q&A Show 2
East West – Cholesterol and Saturated Fat
East West – Serotonin and Endotoxin
East West – Q&A Show
East West – Milk, Calcium, Hormones
East West – Glycemia, Starch, Sugar
East West – Estrogen, Progesterone
East West – Thyroid
East West – Inflammation
East West – Dangers of PUFA

The following are courtesy of Bud Weiss:

Bud Weiss Sept. 2008
Bud Weiss Audio Biology of Carbon Dioxide Oct. 2010
Bud Weiss Video Biology of Carbon Dioxide Oct. 2010

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