Not all nervous systems are created equal: fasting and ad lib fats doesn't work for the constitutionally obese - *The Scribble Pad*

*The Scribble Pad*: Not all nervous systems are created equal: fasting and ad lib fats doesn't work for the constitutionally obese.

Here is a biological snapshot of the type of person who is *ideal* for
so called " nutritional ketosis" , or prolonged feast and fast type
eating plans:

  • A man, or older woman. Lack of significant
    estrogen/progesterone and high testosterone = constant fat oxidation,
    insulin resistance of white adipose, and superior hypoglycemia
  • Has never been significantly overweight; maybe at worst a bit pudgy eating absolute garbage 24/7. They do not have adipocyte hyperplasia, so their adipose is IR.
  • They almost always have high SNS, low parasympathetic, are IR
    at baseline.  They will typically exhibit high blood sugar fasting,
    tend to other SNS symptoms like sweating/being overheated , high blood
    pressure, fat storage around abdomen, very little white adipose storage
    in limbs. They were usually slim in youth, without much if any effort
    and are naturally athletic in youth as well.
  • Because they have high SNS tone and IR white adipose, fat binging is grossly insufficient to prompt adipose growth;
    blood ketones can become very high due to IR, and they will feel very
    energetic even not eating for many hours due to high fat oxidation
    (sympathetic mediated).

This person is in a TOTAL DIFFERENT BIOLOGICAL REALITY to your constitutional fat ass. Here is wooo reality:

  • Reproductive aged female; estrogen promotes insulin
    supersensitivity of fat tissue, as does progesterone. Fasting
    intolerant/insulin supersentive/adipocyte hyperplasia likely.
  • Obese/overweight by late childhood; fat storage total body, very little around mid section. This is a cause and a sign of adipocyte hyperplasia, which means insulin supersensitivity of fat cells.
  • Parasympathetic dominant and sympathetic deficient; blood
    sugar always quite low and prone to easy hypoglycemia. Blood pressure
    always low. This also translates into insulin supersensitivity and low
    fat oxidation rates.
  • Due to the above, grossly fasting intolerant, and easily stores food
    even of a very high fat low carb diet without cheating at all. All of
    these factors add up to insulin supersensitive fat tissue.