Lard - too high in PUFA?

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Re: [HED] LARD? too high in PUFA's?

Leaf lard, AKA pork leaf fat, would be best, IMO. It's highly saturated like lamb. Regular pork fat is OK in moderation, but I wouldn't cook everything in lard. Nor chicken and turkey fat. 

If the animals were fed the right way (no nuts or seeds or soybeans or high-PUFA oils), their fat would be lower in PUFAs, but generally red meat and tropical oils are better IMO. Ruminant animals can convert the PUFAs to saturated fats (SFAs). 

But I eat pork or sausage or bacon occasionally. Several religions do forbid pork and there may be some reasons behind that, but I don't know for sure. I just focus on low-PUFA foods. If you want to experiment, I would eat plenty of starch and unrefined sugar with pork. 

Ray Peat has said that simple sugars help eliminate PUFAs, and I have seen studies supporting that. Scott and I eat similar to that, like having whole wheat bread with orange juice or honey and some meat, eggs, whole milk, etc.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 13:16, lite121 <c688217@...> wrote:
Does anyone eat lard or recommend it? Is it too high in Pufa's to be used daily? Also due to the unsaturated fatty acids in it-could it be rancid?