Polyunsaturated Oils Increase Cancer Risk - Second Opinions, UK

Polyunsaturated Oils Increase Cancer Risk - Second Opinions, UK
Second Opinions: Exposing dietary misinformation

Barry Groves, PhD - "Exposing dietary misinformation"

Saturated fats and animal fats are usually blamed for all manner of diseases in Western society. But look at the facts:
  • In the 19th-century, when animal fats were all that was available, cancers were rare (as was heart disease).
  • Polyunsaturated fats and oils are used to suppress the immune system, such immunosuppression is known to cause cancers to start and promote cancer.
  • In this last century there has been a change in favour of polyunsaturated fats and oils — and cancer rates have soared.
Unfortunately, as polyunsaturated fatty acids are also essential to the body; we must have some. So a proper balance must be struck. Whether the dramatic increase in the numbers of cancers in the last century was as a result of a similarly dramatic rise in our intake of polyunsaturated vegetable oils is not known — but the evidence strongly favours such a conclusion.

Under the circumstances, it seems prudent to get what linoleic acid we need from animal sources. Or to restrict polyunsaturated oil consumption so that linoleic acid is no more than three percent of the total fat intake."