argument that replacing FAT with complex carbs leads to weight loss = carbs are better than fat...

The Scribble Pad: re: "Is Sugar Fattening?" <---- laughable and ridiculous article!

5) On Guyenet's argument that replacing FAT with complex carbs leads to weight loss = carbs are better than fat...

It is well noted that fat + carb is the most insulinogenic macronutrient ratio, calories being equal. This is because in obese individuals, with impaired metabolic flexability secondary to dopamine insensitivity + mitochondrial damage, they do not stop oxidizing fat at mealtimes, therefore overproduce insulin in response to a mixed meal. It is entirely expected and not at all surprising that obese individuals have lower insulin if they reduce fat in the context of an otherwise high carb diet (manifested as body fat loss/enhanced body fat oxidation at rest, lower fasting insulin , higher ghrelin, etc basically being more normal).

Now, the question is, if I ate my diet but replaced 1/4th of my fat calories with carbs, would I also experience a loss of weight? Hell to the f'in NO, because in my case this would represent a trend to mixed diet (carb + fat) and I would respond with more insulin and body fat growth and increased feeding to prevent hypoglycemia & hunger induced by aforementioned insulin mediated nutrient partioning to storage.

It's all relative. For fatties eating tons of carbs, plus some fat, then yes, replacing fat with carbs is going to help by reducing insulin values to meals. For someone who is in ketosis much of the time because all they are eating is fat, adding carbs would accomplish the opposite. Mixed nutrients are the most insulinogenic thus fattening. This is not a revelation.

If you made it this far, congrats! You have more of an attention span + tolerance for ranting than I do.

Basically, the article is garbage, as is expected from WHS , but all the very important paleo people will give it a round of applause because they are all full of crap.

PS I now have more items to add to my "list of contradictions/deceptions". Weee.