"better metabolism and appetite control if I REPLACE starch with sugar" - The Scribble Pad

The Scribble Pad: re: "Is Sugar Fattening?" <---- laughable and ridiculous article!


I have always observed better metabolism and appetite control if I REPLACE starch with sugar. It seems paradoxical since I argue sugar is powerfully obesigenic, but really it isn't, if you are also controlling carbs and eating very few of them... in this case, sugar is like taking stimulants, because you get more DOPAMIIIINE! with your glucose. If I eat 20 grams of potato starch, I'm just getting the metabolic/nervous system impact of 20 grams of glucose. HOWEVER, If I replace those 20 grams of potato starch with 20 grams of sweet tasting sugar, I also get a hit of endorphin + dopamine, directly from the sugar, independent of glucose. Dopamine is nothing but pure MANNA for metabolic health, so replacing starch with sugar (preferably fruit... self limiting) is a definitely good idea.

Of course things are different if you eat *so much* sugar that you are poisoning your liver with fructose, but that isn't the kind of sugar intake we are discussing here... we are talking about opting out of some carb somewhere else, and taking sugar instead.