Is an All-Fruit (Sugar) Diet Bad for Your Health? | DietDoctor.com

Is an All-Fruit (Sugar) Diet Bad for Your Health? | DietDoctor.com

The late Steve Jobs was a vegan and sometimes lived on an all-fruit (sugar) diet. Ashton Kutcher is playing Jobs in the upcoming movie “jOBS”. To get into character Kutcher tried the all-fruit diet. The result? He ended up in the hospital with stomach pains and an inflamed pancreas.

His pancreas perhaps had to work extra hard to take care of all that sugar.

Jobs died from pancreatic cancer.

USA Today: Ashton Kutcher suffers health scare prepping for ‘Jobs’


  1. Even highly intelligent people like Jobs can fall for the vegan propaganda.I wonder how the vegan docs will put a spin on this news story. Apparently some of them have been claiming that the diet prolonged his life.
    "After he developed cancer Jobs remembered some of his earlier teachings about the benefits of low-protein vegetarian diets for cancer.(548) I believe Jobs was right, and a healthy low-fat vegan diet will slow the growth (doubling times) of a cancer and prolong a patient’s life."
    From a vegan doc's blog who I will not link to. It sickens me.
  2. Poor guy! Hope he got something to think about ... (He and maybe others.)
  3. Mia
    I agree, there's no doubt that his vegan lifestyle contributed to his death, being a vegan is a very risky lifestyle to live, dangerous to one's health.
  4. For me this is a stark reminder of how little we know about optimal nutrition and how important our food choices are.Yes, if we're reading this blog, we're likely of the opinion that LCHF is the way to go...but there are countless other blogs and doctors touting vegetarian, and no end to other wacky diets (depressingly, I even saw one called the "Hollywood Cookie Diet" at the pharmacy) endorsed by MD's, "research", celebrities, and other health care professionals.
    No doubt Steve Jobs made a highly informed decision to go all fruit. The problem is, of course, selection bias. When so much of the nutrition fundamentals are unknown, it's easy to find more and more information that confirms our choices by ignoring others. This is a fundamental problem we all face when determining, at a personal level, what our way of eating is going to be...
  5. Zepp
    Well.. I dont think he got Pancreatis by going all fruit!There must be some other reasons tho that, and this could cause him to be sensitive to a drastic shift to an all fruit diet!
    The moste comon cause to pancreatis is high consumtion of alcohol!
    You know.. almoste everyone that ends up with this problem get accused to be a hevy drinker.
    Reply: #6
  6. nostent4me
    We know that excess fructose and alcohol results in the same thing, steatohepatitis.
    And for Benecol lovers note that omega 6 accelerates this,,, for both alcohol and fructose...
    (See Peter HYPERLIPID)
    When it comes to the pancreas, it seems to have a a special liking for fructose: "....the researchers found that when the pancreas tastes fructose from foods, it responds by producing more insulin...:" See more:http://news.health.com/2012/02/06/pancreas-may-taste-fructose-hinting-at-links-to-diabetes/
    The jury is still out on Jobs, but the fructose causing insulin resistance and elevated fasting insulin means any cancer breeding anywhere becomes inadvertently promoted, all the time...Good for the young lookalike that he "kicked up i time" on the massive fruit diet!
    More insulin leads to heart disease , or cancer as shown in several studies.
    Awaiting my own fasting insulin levels at the moment. Hoping close to 5 rather than 15


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