How many sugar carbs in honey? - Yahoo! Answers

How many sugar carbs in honey? - Yahoo! Answers

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How many sugar carbs in honey?

Is honey ok for diabetic? How many sugar carbs in honey.

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Dr. A. Y. Davidov of Russia has found honey a good substitute for sugar and other sweet foodstuffs in diabetes. Dr. Davidov believes that honey prevents acetonemia and diminishes the amount of sugar in the urine in spite of the fact that honey contains 75% sugar. One of his patients used one pound of honey in ten days without an increase of the sugar rate in the urine. When the use of honey was stopped for a while the sugar percentage in the urine rose and the patient was again given four teaspoonfuls of honey daily, after which the sugar rate again dropped. Dr. Davidov reported six more instances where honey had a beneficial effect in diabetes.

Dr. L. R. Emerick of Eaton, Ohio, a specialist in diabetes, used honey in the diet of more than 250 diabetic patients with success. The fame of the late Dr. R. J. Goss of Middlebury, Vermont, was proclaimed throughout the State for helping diabetics on a honey diet. A neighbor of his related that he has seen many patients arrive for treatments weak and emaciated but they soon gained in weight, looked splendid and were able to walk for miles.

One teaspoon of table sugar contains 16 calories, while one teaspoon of honey has 22 calories. 17.3 g in 1 TB of honey.

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Doctors using honey for diabetics.
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Granulated Sugar
1 teaspoon
4 Carbs

1 Tablespoon

So honey has a little more carbs per teaspoon.
A very low sugar is Coco palm sugar.
Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly and have a high Glycemic Index . Many simple carbohydrates contain refined sugars and few essential vitamins and minerals. Examples include fruits, fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, honey, molasses and cane (white or brown) sugar.
Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and have a low Glycemic Index. They are usually packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Examples are coco palm sugars, vegetables, breads, cereals, legumes and pasta.

Low Glycemic Sweetener -With an estimated Glycemic Load of 1.7 per teaspoon, and registering a low Glycemic Index of 35 this sweetener is slowly absorbed by the body helping balance blood glucose and insulin levels. This is especially beneficial for diabetics, hypoglycemics and dieters.

Remember it must be pure , not laced with plain sugar.

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