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CarbSaner: Cream, Drugs or Diet for Psoriasis?

I blogged recently about psoriasis, as a commenter wrote how her son's lifelong psoriasis problem was recently cured by a grain-free diet.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, and the list of other auto-immune diseases is very long indeed. It is worrying that Wikipedia says:

"The treatment of autoimmune diseases is typically with immunosuppression - medication that decreases the immune response. A large number of autoimmune diseases are recognised."

So, instead of trying to get to the root of the problem, doctors suppress the immune system, which presumably makes us more susceptible to other health problems.

Someone sent a comment for that post suggesting that we should just keep trying more creams! So, I guess this particular person would rather have to keep buying creams for the rest of their life in an attempt to get rid of psoriasis, instead of giving up some foodstuffs such as, maybe, gluten.

Okay, but there are many autoimmune problems that you can't slap cream on. Apparently one in five people who suffer from psoriasis then suffer from psoriatic arthritis.

One medical website says this:

"If you have psoriatic arthritis, you may be treated by a team of health professionals, including: 
  • a GP
  • a rheumatologist
  • a dermatologist (skin specialist)
  • a nurse
  • a physiotherapist
  • an occupational therapist 
  • a psychologist (it's not unusual for people with arthritis to develop depression) "
There is no suggestion that the sufferer should see a dietician, who might suggest that removing some foods from the diet would help. Drugs and creams are usually prescribed, and the drugs have nasty side effects.

If there's any chance that trying a paleo diet might help someone with a depressing skin condition which may lead to a horribly painful joint condition, then it's worth doing.

Some buffoons (my new favourite description for the Bloated One) may think that paleo is a fad diet and mock it and its followers, but I doubt if the commenter's son does now!

Things like molecular mimicry, leaky gut etc etc aren't weird new discoveries - they've probably been known about for years. It isn't ridiculous to believe that diet change may help auto-immune conditions, so it seems criminal that people suffering from miserable and life-threatening health problems are not given the option by doctors to try a change in diet.


  1. Allergies are another autoimmune illness. I used to have terrible allergies; one Labor Day several years ago I was so ill I spent the day in bed. I helped keep Sudafed in business year-round. But since I started a wheat-free, LC diet, I've rarely suffered with allergies. Some of my coworkers were sniffling and sneezing today, but not me.
  2. No real surprises there, Carole. If you hang around on diabetes forums, you get a really fast lesson in how the carbohydrate-addict mind works. The forums are full of threads about "what, no bread?"

    I really think anyone who says, "I couldn't possibly give up " is admitting that they're an addict, even if they don't realize that's exactly what they're saying.


    1. I do think bread is addictive, especially toast. I was the main weakness for my husband and I - evening toast cravings. However, the cravings do eventually go away after a while. (Just need to address the bubbly addiction now - ie cheap vino frizzante, not champagne!)
  3. There is a show on TV "Mystery Diagnosis" , and it looks like 90% of all cases in the show are caused by autoimmune system attacking any human organs - kidneys, shield of spinal cord, skin...Every such case gets treated with steroids.
    I achieved tremendous improvement in all my allergies (asthma, eczema, cats, some foods),eating LC and I am terribly sorry, that almost no one gets the right diet advise .


    1. That's interesting, Galina, I have a friend with lots of allergies who really looks down her nose at our way of eating!
      I don't know if it's criminal stupidity or what that, makes doctors completely ignore the potential for diet change and prescribe steroids.
  4. There seems to be no end to the medical conditions that low carb can heal. It’s no wonder the junk food outfits and big pharma are beginning to realise the game is up. Lowcarb antis are looking more ridiculous each day, and the list of medical professionals promoting lowcarb is increasing. How anyone can believe fresh unadulterated food is not the way forward is beyond me. And the alternative, factory produced junk and medication for hundreds of millions.

    “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Hippocrates. Over two thousand years ago those words were uttered by the Father of medicine, they stand good today. Never has the food we eat had greater influence over our lives. Traditional foods and healthy eating has been usurped by the multinational food giants. Do not become a victim of poor dietary information. Eat the food we evolved from, the less man is involved, the healthier the food.

    Regards Eddie


    1. "There seems to be no end to the medical conditions that low carb can heal."

      Yes! Then add in a hint of primal/paleo for auto-immune problems and you solve another thousand!

      But if you try to tell people they think you are a nutcase, so I keep schtum nowadays.
  5. ...what IndyJill said!!! what kind of addict thinks Wonder Bread is something they wouldn't trade for rack-of-lamb???


    1. And it's amazing that some people would rather eat bread and have a host of miserable problems.
  6. when i first read the "cream" i thought it meant heavy cream (dairy). (i put it in black tea or coffee, as my breakfast, yum) XD
  7. I can't face it in drinks, but I have a load in my scrambled eggs for breakfast.