Safe ways to tweak Bulletproof® Coffee – Butter Coffee, Fatty Coffee, and More

Bulletproof® Coffee Mistakes – Butter Coffee, Fatty Coffee, and More

Safe ways to tweak Bulletproof® Coffee recipe and keep the FULL EFFECTS

  • BPA Free Coconut Cream or milk, NOT coconut water (especially good for frothiness)
  • Upgraded Chocolate
  • Upgraded Vanilla
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon is best)
  • Xylitol (only from hardwood, not Chinese corn)
  • Erythritol (non GMO)
  • Stevia

Safe ways to tweak Bulletproof® Coffee recipe for MORE PROTEIN BUT LESS AUTOPHAGY

  • Other heat-tolerant protein powders (the best tasting, highest performing are Upgraded Whey™ and Upgraded Collagen™)
  • Raw eggs (makes extra frothy)
So that’s it. Good coffee is magic. It’s no secret that Bulletproof Coffee is one of the best ways to supercharge your brain function and turbo charge fat loss. Every, day more and more people are improving their cognitive performance, forgetting what hunger felt like, and shrinking their waistlines thanks to Bulletproof Coffee.
As biohackers interested in quantifiably measuring our own performance, or as coffee lovers just wanting to kick more ass, we owe it to ourselves to ourselves to try Bulletproof Coffee done perfectly at least one time. Cutting corners with a cup of “pretty good” coffee from unproven beans, with regular butter (or some other random fatty stuff) thrown in, will leave you satisfied, but it won’t leave you in the Bulletproof™ state of high performance. It is worth feeling the full mental clarity and massive energy surge a true cup of Bulletproof Coffee provides.
Do yourself a favor by experiencing the real Bulletproof Coffee recipe and accompanying Bulletproof™ Protocols:


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