Benefits of high-fat diets/fat burning adaption - for athletes

.......So where does all of this leave us? We are seeing more attention being given to the potential benefits of a high fat diet, and are seeing more of the mechanisms come through. Increasingly, it looks like a high-fat diet alone can drive many of the adaptations we seek via our training, with training further enhancing these.

Eating a high-fat base diet, undertaking training sessions in a fasted state, whilst ensuring an adequate [paleo] carbohydrate intake during the recovery period, may offer all of the necessary dietary periodisation elements to maximise endurance performance without having to follow the conventional wisdom of stuffing one's face with carbs at every opportunity. Additionally, it looks as though we can achieve a degree of fat-adaptation within our high-powered type-2 fibres, offering them a degree of fatigue resistance via a lower drain on their glycogen stores (which can be better utilised in race situations where it counts).

In part two (which I will try to keep shorter), I will look at one of my favourite topics, and possibly utter the words 'I told you so' - the effects of strength training on endurance capacity in top-level endurance athletes.

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