More eggs=Need less sleep? - Paleo Hacks


OK, so I know this isn't exactly rigorous clinical research, but I swear I need less sleep during the weeks in which I consume a lot of eggs (approx. 6-8 eggs/day). I can't think of any other factor off the top of my head. Anybody notice this?

@Dan Gregory -- you should check out Seth Roberts' blog -- he often comments on how consumption of saturated fat and animal fat allow him to sleep better. blog.sethroberts.net/2009/10/31/…

That does it for me, I hit REM sooner and sleep better when I've eaten very clean.
There may be something to this Dan: since a little kid I have hated eggs but in an attempt to up my Paleo I started drinking every morning (7 days a week without fail for several months now) a shake with 3-4 pastured eggs, a half can of organic coconut milk, a generous portion of virgin coconut oil, water, ice and a bit of stevia. I am sleeping like a log these days which is unusual for me.

I can't say for sure if it's the eggs or just the good fat in general because ever since I have been paleo I have been eating eggs (4-6 a day) and sleeping like a baby. Pre-paleo I used to not sleep well at all. I was such a light sleeper it was horrible. I never had a good nights sleep. Now I very rarely wake up!